Personalized Alternative Kinetic and Massage Therapies

The loosening and stretching of joints can help greatly with problems of stiff, painful, encumbered movement.

The series of therapies conducted under a personalized rehabilitation protocol can bring amazing results.

Ever since humans started walking on two legs, spinal disorders exist.

The most common problems all have to do with the skeletal structure, its supporting muscles and abnormalities in the joints.

These can be caused by strain, injury, bad posture and not enough exercise, but sometimes pain can appear without any obvious reason.

Hereditary factors and prolonged physical strain can be a cause just as lifting a heavy weight or making a simple movement in an awkward direction.

Spinal disorders can cause problems in other parts of the body, including headaches and pain in limbs.



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Its effectiveness has been proven in the following cases

  • Pain relief
  • Synergy with other therapies, increasing their effectiveness and speeding up healing
  • Helping and healing spinal disorders (pain, hernia) as well as neck, hip and back problems
  • Treating degenerative joint diseases (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow and wrist problems), improving joint mobility and movement range
  • Inflammatory locomotor diseases (joint, muscle and tendon problems)
  • Complex rehab after sports injuries (Achilles heel, ankle, sole pain, sprains and muscle injuries)
  • Complementary therapy for bone, joint, muscle and tendon injuries resulting from overstrain or accidents
  • Post-stroke rehab, helping to regain balance and re-strengthen muscles
  • Rehabilitation after chronic disease
  • Raising the effectiveness of other therapies, reducing the time required for healing.
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