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Why is a foot massage good? What is the difference between reflexology and Thai foot massage?

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About me

I have been studying for 25 years, and I am a Thai massage therapist for 21 years (declared a World Heritage Site in 2019). I have been teaching it for 18 years. I have been a naturopathic teacher and consultant for 16 years.

During my practice my expertise was applied as complementary treatment to Western medical therapies, always with successful results. Therefore, aside from recreation I place great emphasis on rehabilitation recognised by medical doctors as the results are visible and measurable by instruments and laboratory tests. The best results were achieved with patients suffering from locomotion disorders as well as those with muscle deterioration/atrophy and acute (max. 1-month) paralysis.

In cooperation with doctors I treated thousands of patients, including people in intensive care and out-patients. Specialties: metabolism and nutrition related diseases, otolaryngology, gastroenterology, infectology, orthopediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, pulmonology, rheumatology, gynecology and obstetrics, as well as traumatology.

“Dear Monika! I am very grateful for your treatments because the years of numbness and pain in my arms and hands have disappeared as a result of the treatments. I hope it doesn’t come out again! ”

Thomas B.

“I suffered for a long time with my menstrual complaints, but as a result of the treatments, my fibroids disappeared and my headache also went away. I managed to avoid the surgery, thank you very much! ”

Zsuzsanna Gy.

“I reported to you with great pain, but as a result of the treatments, my pain decreased and then disappeared. For the past six months, I have maintained my spinal cord with the help of suggested yoga exercises, physiotherapy, and swimming. Thank you very much and I hope I can go for maintenance sometimes! ”

Gabor C.

„Monika is the unit of the contrasts of ancient oriental knowledge and a western, self-fulfilling modern woman. She gives enthusiastic lessons with much love and laugh, however she strictly committed and consistent to the traditional teachings. I am grateful having found her.”

Eva V.

“As I experienced on my side the beneficial effect of her massage, I decided to learn from her. Monika as a teacher she also a philosopher as a masseur. She often leads me without worlds, to be able to play on the body’s string as on my guitar. She teaches the soul and body as a complex system, must treat with humbly and focus.”

Dora F.

“Perhaps it is needless to say that during those 15 years how many places I have been to at public and private practices, private clinics. Before I went to Monika, I had appointed for surgery and a medical referral in my hand to the Orthopedic Clinic. After the first treatment that day, that bone never hurt again!”

Magda S.